Plumbing Design

New construction, remodels, gas lines, and excavation are all within our expertise. We also offer free estimates!

Plumbing Design

Imlay Plumbing is available to plan and build your project, whether it is residential or commercial. New construction, remodels, demolition, excavation, you name it. We aim to do everything in house so you have a one-stop shop to rely on when scheduling out your subcontractors for any project. Save a bunch of scheduling headache by having our crews meet your goals and timelines.


Imlay Plumbing, Excavation, and Blackstar Works

We are currently working toward offering an in-house solution for any construction from start to finish. From a general contractor, excavation crew, plumbing, electrical, and beyond…our goal is to save our clients time and money by having the ability to handle everything under one roof. We will provide a truly one-of-a-kind solution for Cedar City and Iron County as a whole. Our competition simply can’t offer the same level of services.


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