Sewer Line Replacement

If your main sewer is damaged or clogged we can help. We can repair or replace with newer, stronger, and more root resistant Schedule 40 PVC.

Sewer Line Replacement

Having a sewer backup is a very stressful and panic inducing situation. Imlay Plumbing is here to help. Cedar City has a lot of older mid-century homes with aging clay, orangeburg, and cast iron sewer lines that love to deform, separate, and break. This allows roots to enter the pipe and proliferate rapidly, wreaking havoc! We have a skilled team that specializes in replacing sewer lines.

Replacing an old sewer line that is beyond its useful life is one of the best investments you can make in your home. We only use schedule 40 PVC when installing the new line. Many builders today go cheap with “SDR” which is a thin walled plastic pipe that is subject to being crushed when the dirt is filled and compacted back over it. It’s a cheap pipe that saves a few dollars at the expense of the homeowner in the long run. Imlay Plumbing has the knowledge and expertise to watch out for your best interest so you know you’re getting a permanent, quality fix.

We will run our sewer camera and determine if the entire line needs replacement, or, in some cases only a spot fix is required. Sometimes the line is bad out in the street and breaking into the asphalt is required. Whatever the case is, we will do all the legwork and do our best to get you back in service as quickly as possible.

Benefits of a new PVC plastic sewer line

Why to use quality pipes.

This video illustrates the different strengths of commonly used PVC thicknesses for wastewater drainage. We believe this illustrates perfectly why we avoid using the commonly used SDR/thin wall pipes used in so many new homes today. Schedule 40 PVC is the pipe on the right, and is what we use.

We can also replace water mains! Contact us for a quote.

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