Water Softening & Treatment

We install softeners, filters, RO, and other water treatment systems.

Water Softening & Treatment

Imlay Plumbing services and installs water treatment solutions. When a new home is built, it is often plumbed with a “softener loop” that allows treated water to flow to fixtures. However, we also offer water conditioning systems. Customers can still enjoy many of the benefits of softened water without the significant cost of re-plumbing the house. We also install reverse osmosis (RO) systems for pure, healthy drinking water! We can take a look at your unique situation and make a recommendation based on your needs.


Softer water is better all around! Water is called “hard water” if it contains excessive amounts of certain minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, because these substances leave a hard scale on surfaces that come in contact with the water. You can tell you have hard water if there’s build-up on your sinks and bathtubs, or if you have to use large amounts of soap to clean dishes or wash your hair. It also allows your water heater to heat up quicker and prolongs its useful life by reducing scale buildup inside the unit!

Water Softener

A traditional water softening system uses a filter element combined with a brine tank. The filter contains ionizing “beads” that bind to the minerals in the water and remove them from the incoming water supply. The brine tank is filled with salt every few months and is used during the softeners self-cleaning cycle to wash and flush the buildup of minerals inside the filter. This is the cheapest and most effective method for softening a home’s water supply. We recommend that the home be plumbed with a softener loop before installing this type of system.

Salt-Free Water Treatment

For homes not plumbed for soft water, we can install Nuvo H20 systems to help treat the water with a citrus filter that helps reduce scale buildup on fixtures. More information about these types of filters can be found on the Nuvo website.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purified Water

Additionally, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system using a series of filters reduces many microscopic impurities and chemical elements. It is also the only type of drinking water treatment that fully removes fluoride from the water.

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